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QuickStep Website Editor™ works directly on your website pages. You get to them via a hidden "trigger" on each of your pages, and log in once at the beginning of your editing session.

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Articles Builder

Adding Quality Content for People and Search Engines

Search engines like to see your website grow, and the way your new pages are named and linked can be leveraged for powerful search engine optimization.

The Articles Builder makes it easy for you to put that power to use while retaining the professional styling that makes your website a special representation of your unique character as a therapist.

The best way to grow your website with the kind of text content that will impress both search engines and people is to write articles. Our Articles Builder makes it easy to post new articles to your website in a way that is not only beautiful to look at but easily optimized for maximum leverage with the search engines.

Here's a snapshot of a typical Articles index. For each article there is a title (which links to the article page) and a short segment of "teaser text" to help motivate people to click through and also help search engines to recognize keyword relevance. The styling of this list will be unique to your website design.

Articles index

The next figure is a snapshot of the top of a typical Article page created by the Articles Builder. The styling is unique to the individual website design.

Note the "Back to:" link that goes back to the articles index page. Since that link goes on every article page it provides powerful search engine optimization for the keywords you choose to have in it. The case shown strengthens the website's relevance for searches related to addictions and compulsions.

Articles page

The Articles Builder

We will place a special "Articles" tag in your main Articles page. When you click on it in Edit mode in QuickStep Website Editor™ you will see a form like this containing any articles you already have:

Tools articles list

You can add, delete, edit and rearrange your articles here with just a few clicks.

If you click one of the "Insert New Item Here" buttons you'll get this form (NOTE: the form to Edit an existing article index entry looks the same):

Insert article

Creating a new Article index entry updates your main Articles page with the new title/link/teaser text and creates a new page for the article with all the styling and the necessary edit tags so that you can simply navigate to your new page and edit your article with the Page Editor and Meta Tags Editor.

And that's all there is to it!

You will receive a full User Manual with QuickStep Website Editor™.